Architectural Decoration Trends That Will be in Our Lives in 2021

Keeping up with the latest design trends was not a priority in 2020. While most of us spend most of the year indoors, most of our efforts have focused on disinfecting items and turning empty corners into makeshift workspaces. While many continue to prioritize safe, comfortable and functional homes, some of the decoration trends seem to be more in our lives in 2021. Although the time we spend at home increases or decreases, it is always our dream to live in a house that warms us with its decoration. This year, designs that separate certain sections with features such as room dividers, curtains, and even area rugs will be a priority. Because if your work area is also your resting area and cooking area, you may have difficulty moving from one area to another and establishing a layout. For this reason, it is now important to create special areas with decorative designs to be used. Another one is that colors should take place more in our lives. The simplicity of the house can reduce our calmness and energy during our quiet days at home. For this reason, accessories painted with trendy pastel colors, small but colorful lighting, wallpapers suitable for our style will increase the energy of both us and our home. Thus, the feeling of being in a new space will fill us and make us feel outside. Pieces with different designs will get rid of typical design patterns and take their place in homes. Wicker baskets and wicker puffs, which are indispensable especially in home offices, can be seen as indispensable parts in this order where we always want comfort to be at the forefront. You should evaluate your home more and create corners suitable for your hobbies and family in every area. Use your home to the fullest, let it reflect your real way of life and focus on making it functional for your family’s needs, especially happiness. The architectural design of a space is the result of a lot of labor and effort. In the time until this result is reached, you can get lost among hundreds of different decoration styles. At this point, we take care of architectural decoration for you and provide convenience in all your renovations! With ICS-ARC, everything is at one address!